Friday, June 10

Tilted Grill: ***

Tilted Grill is the new "street food and casual steak" restaurant in the 4th Street and 18th Avenue location where BLVD used to be. No matter what your interpretation of what "street food and casual steak" is exactly, the patio is a great draw, plus it's nice to see the space occupied. Street food, in Tilted Grill's view, isn't mystery meat, but street food you would get in different parts of the world. Exciting! In the end, however, I had high expectations but Tilted Grill just didn't deliver.

We sat on the patio, and were quickly handed the drink and food menus. There is a very decent selection of beers on tap, from Sapporo to Mill Street, and the wine selection was also not bad, with quite a few sold by the glass, and the prices quite reasonable. The food menu had a lot of interesting options, but was woefully misspelled at times (I noticed at least 2 instances). Come on guys!

We started with the Gogi sliders, the Korean BBQ version of the American classic. They were not terrible, but definitely not flavourful enough. There was a slight spice kick, but not enough to call themselves Korean, or BBQ for that matter. There also were thin carrots on the plate, and seriously, Tilted Grill, you cannot give me a supposedly Korean inspired dish, and put carrots on the plate, and have it not be spicy, delicious kim chi. That's pretty much a crime.

At this point, I would like to mention that the service wasn't the quickest - the empty plates sat on our table for a while, and a couple (not our) waiters walked by without so much as an inclination to clear them. I get that everyone has their specific tables, but this really isn't how it's done.

Finally, we got our mains. The short rib burger, which sounded delicious, was way too dense (although the flavours were good), and my carne tacos tasted pretty good at the start (although a bit too easy on the lime), but got cold way too quickly, which definitely did not suit the flavours as far as I'm concerned. The sides, apple slaw and yam fries, weren't too bad. Then again how do you screw that up!

In the end, I see what Tilted Grill is going for here but it's just not doing it for me. Two stars for the food, and with added major points for breathing new life into the woefully underutilized BLVD patio, I ended up giving them three stars, aka I would eat here if I'd been drinking on the patio for a couple hours and got hungry.

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  1. everything you claimed you did not like i loved, you must have gone during soft opening... its much better now!

  2. Actually I went this week - maybe the kitchen had an off day?

  3. Hi Guys.... As one of the owners of Tilted I would like to thank you for taking the time to write about us. There has been some challenges during the opening that we are working hard to champion. We have made some significant changes to our menu over the last 2 weeks and the results and comments have shown great improvement. The patio will not be finished until The end of June at which time you will see new lounge-type furniture with cushions, new overhead patio heaters and finished brick cauldron fireplaces, It will be a great spot if we ever get the weather!

    Again we appreciate your efforts and welcome you back for a follow-up visit.