Thursday, June 16

Double Zero Pizza: ***

Double Zero pizza is Calgary's newest pizza place replacing Tangerine on Stephen Avenue and 3rd Street. The owners kept most of the layout as far as bar / walls go, but naturally the dance areas got replaced with more tables. There's also shelves along the back wall, displaying canned tomatoes and double zero flour, the restaurant's namesake. There are a lot of TVs allowing you to watch the game while chowing down. Finally, pig statues are all over the place, which I'm not so sure about - I thought CHARCUT had an unspoken monopoly on pig decorations in Calgary.

Onto food & drinks! There's a decent drink list, and it was somewhat heartwarming that Double Zero actually has house wines, which you can order by the glass, half bottle or bottle. I got the house white, Giorgio & Gianni Pinot Grigio, and was pleasantly surprised.

We proceeded to order appetizers - calamari with green onions and capers; beef carpaccio with mushroom salad; marinated beets with goat cheese, grapefruit, basil and pistachio. Beets were my favourite out of the the three - well cooked and well balanced. Calamari was tasty but not spectacular, and beef carpaccio could use a bit more acid. I would say that all three of the dishes could stand to be simplified.

Finally, it was time for the main event - the pizzas! We got:

  • Speck with mozarella and arugula - incredibly delicious. Arugula and cured meats is one of the best combinations on a pizza.

  • Salami with goat cheese and olives - also very good, if a touch too salty.

  • Confit chicken with fontina and grilled eggplant - not that great, but I enjoyed the texture.

  • Spinach with potato and egg - that was just not good. Not sure if the egg was overcooked, but that was just not flavourful. If you want an incredible potato pizza, go to Una.

The crust on all pizzas was incredibly delicious, which is of course important. However, I do have to say the pizzas were a bit small for the price. Double Zero's location will get it a robust lunch and after-work dinner crowd, but both Una and Famoso give you a better bang for your buck. The lunch crowd at Double Zero could dry up though if the wait for the pizzas we experienced becomes a rule - it was fine for a dinner, but certainly wouldn't be okay at lunch.

Overall, it's a good start, and certainly a great concept for the location, but Double Zero has a bit of work to do ironing out the flavours and timing. For now, three stars, and I will definitely come back for lunch!

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  1. Thank you for all your info! I have been looking for great pizza in Calgary. That salami with goat cheese and olives sounds great. Where would you recommend for a great bbq pizza?

  2. It sounds like the pizza in Calgary is a lot more varied then where I live. Maybe I just need to check more places.