Monday, May 2

Famoso: ***

WARNING: This review was written under the influence of having 2 granola bars and some Easter candy as breakfast & lunch combined.

I will be the first to admit that I can be prejudiced against a place. It only takes one time of showing up to a meal in a crappy mood, and likely the restaurant will be spoiled for me forever. With Famoso, though, I've given it multiple chances because of its location, price and speed, and it just never quite hit the mark (except for dolce & banana, that's good stuff). That is, until today. Faced with yet another case of "I hate cooking on Sundays, Bistro 2210 is closed and I will kill myself if I have to eat another Purple Perk sandwich" (it's a frequently diagnosed condition when you're living in the Mission area), I ordered from Famoso. And I was not disappointed:

  • Prosciutto arugula - neither ingredient overpowered each other, crust was perfect and a squeeze of lemon highlighted the flavours nicely

  • Quatro formaggi - gorgonzola was pleasantly pungent and yet let the other cheeses come through

  • Banana nutella pizza - Nutella. Banana. 'Nuff said. Note - you will not be able to eat it in a lady like manner. So I wouldn't order it on a first date. Stick to seductively licking the gelato.

In sum - it was just deeeeeeeelicious. I still would not go there very often - the venue is just not that great, but I will reconsider its rank on my list of take out options, especially when it seems that Una has a bazillion-hour wait at 7AM on a Wednesday these days.

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