Sunday, May 8

Bourbon Steak Scottsdale: ****

Bourbon Steak is Michael Mina's restaurant (read: cash cow) inside the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess resort. It's a beautiful setting, of course, and I could never turn down a steak restaurant, now could I.

We came in quite late, and, although there were quite a few patrons still there, they were all finishing up, and we got excellent and prompt service. We got seated on the patio and, as it was too dark to see anything not lit up, actually enjoyed the view of the restaurant's beautiful interior.

Bourbon Steak offers a staggering selection of wine. As it was late we opted for a half bottle (which wasn't served in a carafe, but was an actual half bottle) of a great California Pinot Noir.

We got started with a trio of duck fat fries:

  • paprika fries with ketchup

  • herb fries with barbeque sauce

  • regular fries with truffle aioli
Of course, the truffle aioli was our favorite. We really enjoyed the fries themselves as well - well cooked and crispy.

We continued with an appetizer - Kobe beef tartare prepared tableside. The preparation added an interesting element to the dish, and the tartare itself was quite delicious as well, with a lemony flavor which was appropriate given the hot climate in which it was being served.

Our mains were day boat scallops and a filet mignon. Scallops were expertly cooked, although I was not the biggest fan of the accompaniments, and the steak was excellent. The steaks here are butter poached with thyme and then grilled over mesquite. Well worth the hassle!

For our sides we got the asparagus (which was somewhat disappointing) and shiitake mushrooms with soy, mirin and ginger which were to die for.

Although at that point we were somewhat (okay, very) full, we still went for the dessert menu. We got the beignets with the dip of butterscotch and toffee. Butterscotch actually had Macallan 18 year scotch added to it, which added an excellent depth of flavour. Of course, we also got a cappuccino (quite good) and a tea, which was loose leaf, served in one of those adorable Japanese style iron teapots I've been eyeing for years (I just can't justify the need... yet).

Overall, and excellent meal, and I would not hesitate to come to Bourbon Steak again - now what I need is more vacation days!

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