Sunday, May 29

Bistro 2210: ****

Bistro 2210 is a small restaurant with modern decor and delicious French food. I've had brunch, lunch and dinner there and am yet to be disappointed. The decor is on the modern side, with original ceilings offsetting it nicely.

A few weeks ago, we had brunch there, and we enjoyed the French toast with maple butter, bacon and hash browns, West Coast Eggs Benedict (smoked salmon. 'nuff said.) and bistro breakfast (the basic eggs, bacon and toast). The bacon was a bit fatty (who am I kidding, like that's a problem), but otherwise, the brunch was fantastic.

Recently, we've had dinner there, and both the lamb farfalle (with capers and olives, mmm) and steak au poivre (served with potato-bacon rosti, which was most excellent) were delicious. They also used to have a lamb burger that I loved, and, of course, the mussels are always an excellent option.

My only complaint with Bistro 2210 is that they close early on Sundays and also are fully closed on Mondays - the 2 days I probably feel like cooking least. Not cool! Oh well, as long as it's open, I love it.

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