Monday, May 23

The Big Cheese Poutinerie: ***

Big Cheese is the new poutinerie located where one of the Nellie's used to be on 17th Ave. and 7th Street. I've been eyeing for a little while, and so last night we went there for a 6PM "snack" - some people might refer to it as dinner, but what fun would that be.

You got two options for sizing, and I would definitely go for the smaller one. We're talking fries with cheese and gravy here - less is more. There's quite a bit of selection, and you can even go custom, but we went for the traditional - just cheese and gravy - and Montreal smoked meat, served with grainy mustard and a pickle. Traditional was pretty good, but it was the smoked meat that really slayed me - the combination of gravy, cheese and mustard was just heavenly. Even with a small box though, I would recommend eating quickly - between loss of heat and amalgamation of flavours, the last few bites just don't compare to the first.

One question I have for Big Cheese is what are they planning on doing with the patio, or "secret garden", the Nellie's location used to have. Because either they haven't done anything with it or they're really lacking in signage that it's open - a big miss as far as I'm concerned.

Big Cheese is a great spot when you're craving something greasy any time of day, and I highly recommend the Montreal smoked meat. Can't go too often though, or you won't fit through the door!

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  1. Big cheese poutinerie is new for me. I'm wondering how it differs from ordinary cheese.