Tuesday, April 5

Kinjo: ***

Kinjo is an incredibly busy sushi joint on Macleod Tr., where sushi is good and your bill won't give you a heart attack. Last time I was there I was ridiculously full for under $30. They also have sushi making classes which is pretty awesome. Anyway, here are some thoughts on the food I had there recently:
  • Sashimi - actually really, really good. I am somewhat of a salmon sashimi connoisseur and I was impressed.
  • Rolls - I would say rolls are what I was the least impressed with at Kinjo. They were okay, but definitely did not have enough fish in them. Plus, I tried "hot California" (basically a deep fried California roll I think) and it was definitely not my cup of tea.
  • Gyoza - good, although I find that more and more non-Japanese places are doing very passable gyoza these days, so nothing special.
  • Tempura - I've always believed that how you differentiate good sushi places and great sushi places is tempura. You can find decent sushi in a number of places, but they will still serve you greasy tempura. And I hate greasy tempura (reminds me of one of my first experiences at Zen 8, although it has definitely improved once they moved from the Penny Lane Mall location). Kinjo tempura was good, the only issue was that we had so many things on our table, by the time we got to tempura, it cooled off, and it's so much better hot.

Overall, another good experience at Kinjo, I just wish the decibel level was a bit lower. Plus, I will always be a Towa faithful. Have you seen the size of those rolls?

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