Thursday, April 21

James Joyce

Mini review bonus time...

We're generally pretty boring for after work drinks - Joey's, Barley Mill, Keg - anything that's close. Once in a while though, we venture all the way to Stephen Avenue. The other day, we went to James Joyce. So this is totally confusing (at least to me) but Joyce on 4th and James Joyce on Stephen Ave are unrelated pubs. In any case..

We were totally crammed in once of the side "nook" rooms. What is especially great is that you can get 9oz glasses of wine (though you'll pay for it!). After a couple of those, you are bound to get hungry, and I highly recommend the Irish potato nachos - freaking amazing, though the roof of my mouth is soooo burnt. This dish is especially great for me because I love nacho toppings but hate nachos themselves.

James Joyce is not a bad place for Friday drinks, although I probably won't be frequenting it. Well maybe for those nachos...

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