Wednesday, April 13

Chef's Table: *****

I wrote this review a while ago, but totally forgot to post it... Here it goes.

Chef's Table at Kensington Riverside Inn is located, well, inside the Kensington Riverside Inn. The restaurant is small (maybe 30 seats), so reserve early.
The open concept kitchen is fascinating, and we got seated right by it and by a window - great table, ask for it if you can. High end modern interior and good service add to the enjoyment. Our waiter accidentally topped off a glass of sparkling with regular water, and quickly brought us another bottle for free.

Chef's Table does offer a tasting menu, but we opted for à la carte. The food was delicious. I had amazing short ribs with pickled hedgehog mushrooms. Those mushrooms were to die for! The appetizers we ordered were seared sea scallop and sunchoke risotto (I am a sucker for risotto). I had to google what sunchoke tastes like (embarrassing). Both were excellent and the presentation was exquisite. The other main we ordered was ricotta gnocchi topped with caviar. With a name like that, did it even stand a chance of not tasting well? It did not. Our desserts were which chocolate crème brûlée (good, but you couldn't really taste the white chocolate) and chocolate fondant (it's chocolate, need I say more?).

In summation, amazing meal, and if you're willing to spend the money, go. Go. GO!

However, that's just dinner. The next morning we had brunch there (gotta love staycations... can't believe I actually used that word). So I had the fruit bowl and french toast. Way too much food for one person, of course, so got the french toast packed (was good even reheated!). Also ordered: smoked salmon eggs benedict. Mmm! We ain't at Nelly's anymore, Toto (then again the price tag should have tipped us off of that little fact).

Verdict for brunch: the food is delicious, so if you're already in the area (i.e. staying at the Inn or live in Kensigton), I'd say it's a must. However, if you're located elsewhere, you might as well do brunch at the River Café - same quality of food with upgraded scenery. If it's smoked salmon eggs benedict you're after though, Chef's Table is where you want to be.

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  1. Great review, great resto- but one thing: Food tastes GOOD. You taste the food WELL (assuming you don't have a cold). :-)