Saturday, March 26

Una Pizza + Wine: ****

The in-laws were in town, and in lieu of cooking, we decided to get pizza. As much as I love Panago, this called for something a bit more upscale, and so we got take-out from Una Pizza + Wine. Una, of course, is a new(er) thin crust pizza place in the location that used to be occupied by Wicked Wedge. Una does not take reservations and hence is impossible to get into, so take out is a great option (though be very careful - when they're slammed inside, you won't get your takeout for 2 hours either).

We got:
  • Potato with provolone and truffled honey - that was an excellent choice - potatoes are a great combination with pizza crust, and truffled honey was delicious
  • Margherita, the classic with tomatoes, basil and mozarella, which I normally find boring, but Una made it very delicious somehow (fresh ingredients do the trick I suppose)
  • Mushroom with arugula and truffle oil - 3 ingredients that I love, which were executed really well. 'Nuff said.
  • Prosciuttino, with provolone and arugula - great combination, enjoyed this one as well
  • Salami with mozzarella and chilies - chilies were a good addition to a fairly boring concept. This was most people's favourite.

All five pizzas we got were excellent, and while I'm not sure if I'll brave the wait at Una any time soon, the take out from this place is an excellent way to bring a little variety to your stay-in no-recipe dinner.

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