Monday, March 14

Blink: ****

Big Taste Calgary Stop #4: Blink!

I think I’ve mentioned Blink on this blog multiple (way too many) times. I love this restaurant wholeheartedly – the exposed brick walls, the comfy chairs, the inoffensive ambiance and, of course, the consistently great food.

We showed up super early for lunch – and it’s a good thing we did, as it took us an hour and a half. So worth it though!

We started with some crusty bread and butter. No outlandish flavourings, no herbs, just plain old bread and butter. If you do something this simple though, it has to be done right – and it was. Soft, warm, crusty bread is my definition of heaven.

Moving on, my starter was the green salad with, among other things, pine nuts and gouda. The salad was a good choice, as it was delicious and light, and gouda was a refreshing choice as opposed to parmesan -though I would never say no to more parmesan. It had cilantro in it (which I cannot stand, even though I love coriander seeds), but it was easy enough to eat around it. My companion had the carrot soup, which I did not try, but she was very impressed with it.

We both chose salmon as main course, because we dismissed the risotto as potentially far too heavy for a 3-course lunch. The salmon was well cooked, and had a delicious crème fraîche topping and some lovely potatoes and beet vinaigrette around it. It was an excellent main, all the more improved by the illusion of healthiness it created.

Big Taste menu offered two dessert options – sticky toffee pudding and a pavlova. We tried both, of course. The sticky toffee pudding was delicious and moist on its own, and found an excellent companion in the well executed butterscotch sauce. The pavlova was excellent – the meringue itself was good, and I especially enjoyed the vanilla cream (you could see vanilla seeds in it) and fruit it was served with. Of course, to balance the experience, I was served Red Rose tea (in a very pretty glass teapot though) – but I already knew that about Blink.

In the end, Blink did not disappoint, as usual, and I would recommend it any time.

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