Tuesday, May 25

Garlic Clove: ***

I wish I could write a really coherent review of Antonio's Garlic Clove on 4th Street. Unfortunately, we went there with another couple, and four bottles of wine later, I have no idea what happened exactly. I will recall what I can.

I would like to also preface this with saying that I love garlic. I eat way too much of it, and then I feel like crap, but after a little while I do it all over again (story of my life, really). Going to the Garlic Clove, though, is something else.

We definitely ordered one of their appetizers, the self-titled dish, which is brie baked with a whole garlic inside of it. At this point, of course, it felt quite garlic-y, but it was good. Cozze ala Crema was also ordered, or mussels in white sauce (with garlic). Now, I love love love mussels in white wine sauce, and these didn't disappoint. We were having a great time.

When it comes to mains, it gets a little fuzzy. I would like to explain myself though, because of course you're thinking, "How do you manage to drink a bottle of wine per person during a Friday dinner occurring directly after Friday 5 o'clock drinks and directly before Friday night partying?". Well, it can happen if the service is really, really slow. That's how. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining - we had an awesome time - but it's something to be aware of. Mind you, it could have been slow because the restaurant was extra busy that particular night, and maybe it's not a regular occurrence, or maybe it is.

So back to our dinner. I had "Wobbly Chops", which are pork chops with garlic and apple syrup. I remember them being quite good. I believe the rest of our party (or at least two of them) had Linguine Pescatore (pasta with seafood for those of us not linguistically inclined) and had no complaints. Interestingly enough, the Garlic Clove calls its pasta section in the menu "Noodles", which I found surprising and kind of pedestrian for an Italian restaurant. I would be curious to find out what prompted the name.

But I digress (again). So we are now at the end of our meal, and the waitress brings out the dessert menu. At this point, we have finished our wine and have consumed approximately 1 pound of garlic each. So naturally, when we see "garlic ice cream" on the menu, it seems like a great idea to order it. So we do. Want to hear the most terrifying part? None of us could taste the garlic in it.

Epilogue. We generally don't close the door of our walk-in closet, but one day before leaving for work, we did. When I finally opened the door, the stench of garlic almost knocked me out. Yes, it was a few weeks later. Yes, I do laundry on a fairly regular basis. So how? I do not know.

Conclusion: food is good, but be prepared to wait to get it, and if you're planning on hanging out with someone within a 48 hour period, invite them for dinner.
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