Friday, May 21

Casbah: ***

We recently tried Casbah - a Moroccan place on 11th Avenue. The restaurant is difficult to find unless you're looking for it (it's the building with all the banners). Not gonna lie, the biggest reason we venture so far out of our comfort zone of Stephen Avenue - 4th Street - 17th Avenue is the $20 off coupon. Worth the try I'd say!

Casbah is located on the lower level of the building. As soon as you descend those stairs, you feel you have stepped into some sort of real life version of Aladdin. The host was ever wearing a fez! I'm sure it is mildly offensive to Moroccans themselves, but I thought it was pretty cool. The owners went all out with the decor, with cushy seats, bright colours and fabric hanging from the ceiling. And yes, at one point they played Rock the Casbah.

I ordered one of their cocktails, and it was pretty good. They have quite a number of unusual choices which made me a happy camper. Onto the food - we split an appetizer (Khoubiza Brioua) which was basically a spanakopita with spicy sauce on the side. It was oily (the again what does one expect from phyllo pastry), but good nonetheless. Our mains (we ordered Kefta Tagine and Merguez Tagine) did indeed come in mini-tagines (those are for decorative purposes only) and tasted pretty damn good, but I have a feeling they have a large vat of the tagine main base cooking and they just dish it out and add appropriate toppings on top (sausage and meatballs in our case). Unfortunately, we didn't have time for dessert. Boo.

To sum up - decent food and awesome interior/feel. I would recommend it for a cool first date (the food's different but not that different and definitely lots to talk about) or a fun night out with a group of friends and a few bottles of wine.
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